GreenFence in collaboration with Hospitals, Clinics, Medical Offices, Municipalities and Enterprises places special Collection Bins for X-Rays, CD-DVDs and electronic equipment containing data (eg hard drives, USB drives, mobile phones etc.) so that all individuals can recycle their old materials easily and safely. We are really grateful to all those that give us a chance to come ‘closer to you’ and closer to protecting the environment while keeping your personal data safe.


Collection Bins installed by GreenFence are specially designed and secured so that anything entering the special slot at the top cannot come out. Each bin is locked with a padlock and secured with a safety seal. The seal is signed ensuring that the bin will not be opened without its breach being known. Even if someone were to break the padlock and get access to the bin the broken seal would reveal the violation.


The materials you can place in the Bins are:
- Radiographic and Lithographic Film of any kind (without patient history and other documents),
- Mobile phones
- SIM Cards, Memory Cards, USB Drives Μνήμης (usb)


The bins are always placed indoors, locked during the off-hours. However, in each case, the security measures of each establishment are applied accordingly, such as: A clinic, while closed may be covered by an alarm system or closed circuit or simply locked without any additional safety measures.


In cases where the above measures are not sufficient and a higher level of security is required in order to safeguard your personal data, after informing our business we can dispatch our employees to securely retrieve the materials from your premises.

We have placed collection bins across all Attica regions, and aspire to place many more all over Greece in the near future.

See the table below for points where you can discard your materials.

In the red bins you can place films and x-rays In the blue bins, you can discard electronic equipment that contains data for confidential destruction.