The 6th International Exhibition Verde.Tec was held with great success from March 29 to 31, 2024, at the MEC Exhibition Center in Paiania, Attica. The exhibition, which is the premier event for environmental technologies in Greece, attracted thousands of visitors and hosted numerous companies and organizations from the fields of circular economy and smart cities.

Senior executives from GreenFence-MetalLogic S.A. attended the exhibition to stay updated on developments and to strengthen their network of contacts. Specifically, CEO Angelos Ginis, Commercial Director Giannis Spyridis, Technical Director Angelos Tokas and Business Development Manager Panagiotis Mantelenis visited the exhibition and participated in various events and discussions.

Verde.Tec 2024 was the largest and most dynamic event of all previous editions, hosting an increased number of exhibitors and showcasing pioneering solutions and products that contribute to environmental protection and sustainability. In parallel, the Greek Green Awards were held, where organizations and businesses were awarded for their contributions to environmental protection through scientific knowledge and technological innovation.

The executives of GreenFence-MetalLogic S.A. had the opportunity to learn about the latest developments in environmental technology, network with other industry professionals, and explore new collaboration opportunities. The knowledge and experiences gained will contribute to the further development and improvement of the quality of our services to our partners.

Our participation in events such as Verde.Tec is crucial for continuous improvement and innovation in our company, as well as for strengthening our position in the market. We eagerly anticipate future exhibitions and networking opportunities to continue promoting the values of sustainability and environmental responsibility.