At GreenFence-MetalLogic, corporate social responsibility extends beyond supporting organizations that perform vital work in our society; it also includes empowering individuals who embody our values and strive for excellence.

Recently, we had the opportunity to support Pari Damouliano, a talented Olympian windsurfer representing Greece, with the goal of qualifying for the 2028 Olympic Games in Los Angeles, USA.

Paris is an example of dedication, strength, and determination. With our assistance, we hope he will successfully represent our country on the global stage and showcase his talent and dedication to sports.

Supporting Pari Damouliano reflects our belief in empowering individuals who pursue excellence and in fostering the development of our communities.

We are convinced that companies not only should not remain indifferent but also have a responsibility to support such efforts, whether aimed at improving our society, supporting organizations that enhance the lives of our fellow human beings, or empowering individuals who pursue their goals with passion and dedication.

We are proud to support Pari Damouliano on this journey, which we hope will culminate successfully at the Olympic Games. We look forward to seeing him achieve his goals, knowing that we have contributed in our own small way to his path towards international recognition.