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Engaging with social media is an integral part of the modern age. A large percentage of the population participates in some social networking platform for the purpose of information, communication and interaction. The Management of GreenFence recognizes the need for its staff to participate in social media, respecting the developments and requirements of the time in relation to the use of networks as a means of exchanging information and opinions. In addition, it realizes that social media are now an effective tool and a means of facilitating corporate and business relations, while at the same time it recognizes the risks involved in their improper use and the consequences of this both for the reputation and value of the company and for the its employees. The use of social media by the company’s employees should be harmonized with the legislative framework that applies both at national and European level. For this reason, GreenFence provides appropriate training and information to its staff in relation to the importance of respecting the protection of Personal Data and its processing in order to fully comply with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) 2016/279 , with Law 4624/29-08-2019 (Government Gazette vol. A’ 137) for the Personal Data Protection Authority, with EU Regulation 2019/679 for the protection of natural persons against the processing of personal data, with Article 9 A of the Constitution for the Protection of Personal Data and Article 371 of the Criminal Code for the Violation of Professional Confidentiality. At the same time, it recognizes and respects the rights of its employees in relation to freedom of expression and the development of their personality in accordance with article 5 of the Constitution for the Free Development of Personality and Personal Freedom as well as with article 5 A of the Constitution, on the Right to Information.

Social Media


Social media includes web and mobile technologies to turn communication into an interactive dialogue. Social media platforms take many different forms, including but not limited to blogs and microblogs (e.g. Twitter, Tumblr), community content ( e.g. YouTube ) , social networking sites and professional networking (e.g. Facebook, Linkedin ), virtual gaming and social gaming environments (e.g. World of Warcraft , Second Life ). The application of social media is growing and evolving rapidly. This policy also covers future social media applications, in whatever form they appear.

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GreenFence, as a confidential archive material destruction company deems it necessary to adopt a specific policy towards the use and participation in social media as well as maintaining specific standards for the content and manner of its communications. It is required to keep certain GreenFence customer information confidential and to show the required respect for the diversity of people and colleagues. It is made clear that each person is solely responsible for what they post online.

Policy regarding the participation of employees in social media:

  • Protecting GreenFence and its reputation by protecting the information received.
  • Responsible communication on Social Media in accordance with the current legal framework.
  • Safeguarding confidential information concerning GreenFence. Information Security is a priority and an obligation of GreenFence employees to protect confidential or internal information concerning the company's customers, the company's strategy, the company's colleagues, or suppliers, as well as documents that are circulated on the business electronic network (intranet), such as Administrative Acts, Announcements, etc.
  • Posts or comments about GreenFence should be avoided. Only specific employees are authorized to publicly represent GreenFence, for this reason any position posted publicly should be made clear that it is a personal opinion and has nothing to do with the company.
  • The footprint and style of our communications should be compatible with the principles of GreenFence. Responsible management of the content of the posts is required, knowing that it remains visible to the general public and for a long time, respect for the public, copyright, privacy of third parties, without named references if there is no prior approval of these persons, (especially customers and partners). Profanity, bullying, defamation and insults to other people or social groups are avoided.
  • Compliance with the obligations and working conditions towards GreenFence, regarding confidentiality, confidentiality, representation and the rules of the Code of Conduct and Ethics, even when using social networks in our free time.
  • Any posting could potentially harm GreenFence. For this reason, employees should act responsibly and with the aim of the company reaping exclusive benefits from the digital presence.
  • It goes without saying that the use of social media during work is only permissible if it serves official needs. Personal use of social media should take place outside of working hours so that it does not affect the daily work activity and performance of GreenFence employees.
  • It is important not to disclose information or publish comments about GreenFence, not only on social media, but generally in posts, photos, press communications, public speeches, etc.
  • It is recommended not to use company e-mail addresses for social media registrations.