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Archival Material Management

Every type of activity inevitably leads to the production of archival material. In fact, the archive is a part of the activity of an individual or legal entity. Thus, archival material is created to be used within the context of the specific activity, which it can document as it faithfully represents it, allowing for its representation/reconstruction even long after its completion.

The organized and legal destruction (disposal) of records is a daily reality in the archival environment, as the material deemed to be preserved as historically “significant” constitutes only a small percentage of the total produced.

GreenFence has the capability to come to your premises and, in collaboration with you, create an efficient workflow and information flow that captures the lifecycle of your documents and leads to the Confidential Destruction of unnecessary archival material. The consulting services in “Archival Material Management” are provided by specialized personnel of the company, who are graduates of the Department of Archives, Library Science, and Information Systems of the University of West Attica, and include proposals for:

  • Archive Maintenance: Proposals for thematic or key-based filing after examining your company’s workflows.

  • Archive Storage Space: Thorough inspection of the in-house archive storage space, recording any issues (humidity, temperature, etc.) to prevent the deterioration of important documents.

  • Studies on the cost of managing your in-house archive: Proposals for reducing these costs.

Records Management

Studies in the field of Records Management have shown that any company without a unified document management program:
  • Spends €20 per employee each month on filing tasks.
  • Incur a monthly cost of €120 due to lost labor hours spent searching for and retrieving misfiled corporate documents.
  • Loses 1 out of every 20 filed documents without the possibility of recovery.
  • Incurs 25 labor hours of corporate human resources for recreating each lost document.
  • Incurs 400 labor hours annually for staff searching for and retrieving “lost” documents.
  • Misfiles 3% of its printed material.
  • Allocates 5 to 15% of each professional’s time to reading any given information and 50% of each professional’s time to searching for information.
  • Wastes 20% of its total space for the storage of archival material.

Archive Storage

For the reasons mentioned above, we recommend the solution of storing your archives with a specialized archive management and storage company, where the following services are provided:

  1. Packaging: The paper archives are packed in special archival boxes and transported to the storage company’s Management Centers.
  2. Detailed Registry Creation: A detailed registry is created so that the archival material is fully recorded and manageable.
  3. Service Requests: Management requests are fulfilled with physical deliveries of paper archives or electronic transfers of digitized documents to the responsible person’s computer (via a secure digital document exchange platform).
  4. Retention Period Clearance: When the retention period expires, the archival material will be cleared out, and a Certificate of Confidential Destruction will be issued according to Directive 1/2005 of the Data Protection Authority (ΑΠΔΠΧ).
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