Secure Destruction of Documents and Archives

At GreenFence, we fully understand the importance of security and confidentiality, providing unparalleled solutions for the secure destruction of physical documents and archives, ensuring the protection of your clients

Confidential Document and Record Destruction is no longer a luxury for businesses, but a necessity to ensure the privacy of their clients and to secure compliance with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) (2016/679).

At GreenFence, we fully understand the importance of security and confidentiality, providing unparalleled solutions for secure document destruction that guarantee the protection of your clients.

Your physical files, once separated from other materials such as binders and transparencies, go through a Special Shredder. The shredding of the files and documents is done in confetti form, from 0.1 to 2 centimeters.

At GreenFence, we ensure full compliance with GDPR during the process of confidential document destruction. Each client receives a sealed sample of the destroyed material to confirm its acceptability, while the residues resulting from destruction are recycled, contributing to our environmental responsibility.

By choosing GreenFence for your confidential destruction needs, you are selecting a reliable partner that ensures the complete protection and confidentiality of your sensitive corporate documents.

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Levels of Confidential Destruction

The destruction of files is tailored to your needs. The German Institute for Standardization (Deutsches Institut für Normung = DIN), as an internationally recognized body, provides us with the standard “DIN 66399“, which includes 3 Security Classes and 7 Levels of Confidential Destruction for paper. Our company destroys the file/paper at DIN class 2 level “P-3” (for more information, visit the “Security Classes/Levels of Destruction” page).

Dispatch - Collection

The secure destruction of files can be arranged according to your needs. We can either collect the materials using our own means or accept direct deliveries to our facilities. It is always essential that the transportation of such materials is carried out with proper authorization and supervision. Whether using your company’s own transportation or a third-party carrier, there should be an authorized individual overseeing the transportation process to ensure security and safety until delivery.

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Our company dispatches trucks and vans to your location for the collection of all materials slated for confidential data destruction and recycling, such as computers, mobile devices, CDs/DVDs, film, etc.

The pickup time is contingent upon the number of routes available to your area or a nearby location. Typically, the maximum collection period spans 4 to 5 business days, subject to your availability. Additionally, you have the option to transport the materials to our facilities, with prior arrangement.

Our pickup hours are flexible to accommodate all our clients.

We kindly request detailed information regarding the pickup location and process. Assisting our personnel, who are dedicated to providing you with the best service, is appreciated. Basic facilitation such as ensuring parking availability and having the materials ready for pickup is encouraged.

In the event of a scheduled pickup requiring cancellation, please inform us promptly at 22990 42494 to cancel the route in due time.

Confidential Destruction of Files

According to Article 371 of the Penal Code, “professions whose practitioners (the clients) are entrusted with confidential information due to their role are subject to monetary fines or imprisonment if they disclose said confidential information.” Such professions include lawyers, notaries, accountants, etc., who must handle documents containing their clients’ private information with care and be able to demonstrate that they do so.

Clerics, lawyers, and all kinds of legal representatives, notaries, doctors, midwives, nurses, pharmacists, and other professionals, to whom individuals usually entrust confidential information due to their profession or status, as well as assistants of these individuals who disclose or learn confidential information entrusted to them due to their profession or status, are subject to imprisonment for up to one year or a monetary fine, according to Article 371, paragraph 1, of the Penal Code.

Recognizing the need for confidential destruction of small-volume files and documents, such as those found in law firms, accounting offices, medical clinics, architectural studios, and insurance agencies, where the use of small shredders is often time-consuming and the resulting destruction may not be secure (Please see below “Document Shredders”), our company provides specialized plastic, metal, or lockable bins secured with security seals, ensuring that any document placed inside cannot be removed without evidence of tampering.

As a result, your documents are securely contained, and no one can access them without your consent.

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An authorized representative of our company will come to your premises and place the specialized Confidential Destruction bin you have requested, locked and secured with a safety seal, ready for use.

When the bin is full, you notify our company, and we will come to replace the bin.

Upon the destruction of your documents, we send a notification email with the exact date of destruction and attach the ‘Certificate of Destruction,’ which proves to you and your clients that your documents have been protected and destroyed.

There is an option for video recording of the process and sending it on DVD (with charge) or the presence of an authorized representative of yours.


Document shredders are a useful tool, but they have some drawbacks such as the time required for destruction and the achieved final result. The strips produced by document shredders can be easily reconstructed and are suitable only for general documents, which need to be simply illegible or canceled. Our company often receives such materials to enhance the level of destruction, ensuring complete erasure of the contained personal data. For more information, click HERE. If you are using a document shredder, our employee comes and packages the paper strips, seals the box with security tape, and takes it for destruction.

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