Confidential Destruction of Electronics

GreenFence ensures and secures your sensitive personal and/or corporate data by offering high-level Confidential Destruction Services regarding electronics, such as hard drives, USB sticks, mobile phones, etc.

Confidential Destruction Process

Upon Collection:

  • Our employee arrives at your location and places the hard drives in a special collection bin.
  • A numbered security seal is placed on the bin, and you retain the number.

Destruction-Video Recording Confidential Destruction Process:

  • During the video recording, our employee cuts the seal and shows it to the camera.
  • The bin is opened, and the hard drive is placed in the degausser.
  • The degausser is activated, and after 45 seconds, the data is erased.
  • Physical destruction of the disk follows, and the materials are separated.

There is an option for:

  • Video recording of the confidential destruction process and encrypted cloud delivery to the client.
  • Physical presence of an authorized client representative during the confidential destruction process.

Hard Drive Degaussing

The hard drive degausser is a machine that activates a very strong magnetic field, destroying all the data on the disk. It is a widely accepted system for erasing personal and corporate data. Services such as the American NSA, NATO, and the British CESG have conducted specific tests on the effectiveness of degaussing and have created lists of products that effectively destroy data. These services recommend that BEFORE the physical destruction of hard drives through recycling, confidential destruction by degaussing must always occur to ensure complete data erasure.

USB Sticks & Memory Cards, SIM Cards (Mobile), Credit Cards

USB Memory Sticks & Memory Cards, Mobile SIM Cards, and Credit Cards can contain a lot of data, and due to their small size, they can easily be lost and fall into the wrong hands. The data storage method for USB Memory Sticks & Memory Cards, Mobile SIM Cards, and Credit Cards is electronic, unlike Hard Drives or Floppy Disks, which store data magnetically. Therefore, degaussing them would have no effect. For this reason, we use the method of “physical destruction.”

Physical destruction involves mechanically destroying the material containing the data (e.g., shredding). This destruction is carried out according to the DIN 66399 standard and falls under Protection Category 1, Level E-3 (for more information, please visit the “Destruction Categories/Levels” page).

*Our company accepts cut cards and broken USB Sticks, which we direct only towards recycling.

**There is no charge for the destruction/recycling process, except for credit cards.


Mobile Phones


All mobile phones contain data (contacts, phone numbers, messages, etc.), mainly on external memory cards, but some data is also stored or leaves remnants in the internal memory of the phones. Such a constantly used communication device contains a lot of information and details about our personal and/or professional life.

The method of data destruction for mobile phones, like USB Sticks, Memory Cards, and SIM Cards, is through “physical destruction” since data storage is electronic rather than magnetic, making degaussing ineffective. Therefore, the data destruction of mobile phones is achieved through the physical destruction (shredding, etc.) of their internal circuit boards.

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