Quality Policy

The Management of GreenFence is committed to:

  1. Fully meeting the customers’ requirements in every transaction with the company.
  2. Continuously improving the quality of services provided to its customers, to meet their needs to the greatest possible extent.
  3. Providing all necessary resources for the implementation and continuous improvement of the Quality System.
  4. Ensuring the lawful and proper operation of the company, strictly adhering to all relevant legislation related to its activities.
  5. Ensuring that the quality policy and quality objectives are defined and fully aligned with the Company’s context and strategic direction. The quality objectives are set and maintained as part of the internal control processes, monitoring, and review of the system, with the ultimate goal of increasing customer satisfaction. The increase in sales at all levels of the company, alongside the maintenance or increase of staff, interacts and collaborates with high customer satisfaction, the elimination of complaints, and the system’s non-conformities.

Within these guidelines, the company aims to:

  • Develop and establish simple and flexible operating procedures.
  • Standardize work methods.
  • Ensure the consistency of the quality of produced services.
  • Develop mechanisms for the timely prevention and detection of quality issues.
  • Improve and modernize the company’s organizational structures.
  • Increase customer satisfaction.
It is our belief that the implementation of Quality Systems such as the international standards 9001:2015, 27001:2013, 14001:2015, and 45001:2018, which our company holds, will greatly contribute to the achievement of its goals.

We firmly believe that quality is achieved through the proper organization of the company, as well as through the analysis, documentation, establishment, and implementation of clear operating procedures, which are faithfully followed by everyone until the final result is produced.

We declare that in our company, quality is the guiding principle of all our activities and that the ultimate judges of the quality of our services are our customers.