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Corporate Social Responsibility is expressed through the attitude that each company maintains towards the environment and society. GreenFence recognizes its responsibility as an entity towards society and the environment and for this reason, sets corporate social responsibility as an integral and key element of its strategic planning by taking responsible initiatives and implementing specific policies and actions regarding the improvement of the environment and society.


  • CSR: Corporate Social Responsibility
  • Corporate Social Responsibility: the voluntary commitment of businesses to include in their business practices, social, environmental and cultural actions that are above and beyond what is imposed by current legislation and are related to those affected by their activity.
  • Corporate Image: the set of emotional reactions that are created in the average public every time they think of a company and which lead to a certain behavior, whether positive or negative.
  • Corporate Reputation: The conscious performance by the public of characterizations that are socially positively accepted towards a company.
  • Corporate Philanthropy: donating money to a charity/cause. It is the most traditional form of CSR.

Corporate Social Responsibility

CSR is divided into three types:


Combines social benefits with immediate strategic goals and aims to enhance long-term financial goals.


Refers to actions that prevent any social harm.


The business does not only aim to avoid causing social harm, but strengthens efforts to eliminate social problems, such as low living standards, drugs, crimes, etc.

The CSR Policy of GreenFence

Greenfence, respecting the environment and the needs of society, makes CSR part of its strategy and deals with both environmental and social issues with care, sensitivity and prudence. Therefore, aiming to contribute to addressing environmental and social issues and having as a vision a more sustainable future for all and wanting to leave a positive imprint by caring for future generations, implements a set of best and targeted practices at every level of its operation, from the practices within the company, up to and including the selection of partners who have the same environmental and social consciousness.

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Specifically GreenFence:

  • It raises awareness and encourages social change, while maintaining its corporate image.
  • It improves working conditions and adopts environmentally friendly policies.
  • It maintains its corporate reputation by participating in fair trade.
  • Makes charitable Offerings (Corporate Philanthropy).
  • It is constantly committed to ethical behavior and contributing to economic development while improving the quality of life of both its workforce and their families as well as local communities and society at large.
  • It takes care of the regular control of its consumption of water, energy and raw materials as well as the emission of pollutants into the environment
  • It is committed to the use and production of recycled and recyclable materials, increasing the durability of the products.
  • It offsets polluting emissions
  • It takes care of special groups by giving them jobs, contributing to the fight against unemployment, the equal treatment of individuals and the strengthening of disadvantaged groups.
  • It respects its human resources without discrimination.
  • It integrates social and environmental concerns on a voluntary basis
corporate social responsibility

Field of application

This policy extends to all staff, executives, partners and suppliers of GreenFence and concerns all its actions, processes and activities. The Management of GreenFence is committed to exact compliance with this policy and to obtaining the necessary means to achieve its goals and the cultivation of environmental and social consciousness.