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Records Management

Every activity leads to the production of records. In fact, the records  are part of the activity of a natural or legal person. Thus, records are created to be used in the context of a particular activity for which they constitute a faithful copy, meaning that the activity can be reconstructed long after its completion. Organized and legal destruction (clearing) of evidence is a daily reality in the archiving environment, as material considered to be historically “important” constitutes only a small percentage of the total output. GreenFence can come to your premises and work with you to create a smooth flow of work and information that will capture the life cycle of your documents and result in the confidential destruction of junk archive material. The archive management consulting services are carried out by qualified business personnel who are graduates of the Department of Archives, Libraries and Information Systems of the University of Western Attica and include suggestions for:

  • Record keeping. Suggestions for thematic or key based archiving after reviewing your company’s workflows.
  • File storage. Thorough inspection of the in-house file storage while simultaneously recording any problems (humidity, temperature, etc.) with the aim of preventing important documents from being damaged.
  • Examination of the cost of managing your in-house archive and suggestions for reducing it.

Studies in the field of Records Management have shown that any company that does not have a single document management program:

  • Spends 20€ per employee every month for archiving.
  • Spends 120€ a month losing man hours to search for and retrieve incorrectly archived corporate documents.
  • Loses 1 out of 20 archived documents without being able to retrieve it.
  • Spends 25 hours of its corporate human resources work to reconstitute lost documents.
  • Spends 400 work hours annually searching for and finding “lost” documents.
  • Incorrectly archives 3% of its printed material.
  • Spends 5% to 15% of each professional’s time reading information but 50% searching for it.
  • Wastes 20% of its total space for archive storage needs.
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Records Storage

For the above reasons, we recommend that you keep your records with a specialized records management and storage company where the following tasks are performed:

  • Packing the paper in special archive boxes and transferring it to the Management Company’s Management Centers.
  • Create a detailed registry so that the archive material is fully recorded and manageable.
  • Handling management requests with physical deliveries of hard copy files or electronic sending of digitized documents to the controller’s computer (via a secure digital document exchange platform).
  • When the retention period has elapsed, the archive material will be cleared and a confidential destruction certificate will be issued in accordance with ASCP Directive 1/2005.
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The value of our Services depends on the type of Confidential Destruction, the type of bins, the volume, the frequency of change and the area from which it's collected. We provide an exclusive package to our customers with competitive pricing