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Hard Disk Degaussing (Demagnetizing )

The degausser is a machine that employs a very strong magnetic field that permanently wipes all disk data. It is a widely accepted method for deleting personal and corporate data. Services such as the American NSA, NATO and the British CESG have conducted special tests on the effectiveness of degaussing and have compiled lists of products that effectively destroy the data. The above services recommend that before the physical destruction via recycling of a hard drive, confidential destruction by degaussing must ALWAYS take place, ensuring that the data will not be restored. The reason being that even if a hard drive is damaged, in most cases all or some data can be recovered. There are many businesses that specialize in recovering data even under the most difficult circumstances, such as a hard drive having been incinerated, broken, or even pierced, these businesses can recover a lot (if not all) of the data. The degausser we use is a very effective tool for deleting data. It is capable of 9,000 Gauss (Gauss B-Field or Oersted H-Field = magnetic field strength unit) and deletion time is approximately 45 seconds in a closed case so as to not affect the operator. After deletion the hard drive is recycled as it is no longer usable and cannot be re-operated.

USB Drives & Memory Cards, SIM Cards, Credit Cards

USB Flash Drives & Memory Cards, Mobile SIM Cards and Credit Cards can contain a lot of data and, due to their small size, can be easily lost and fall into the wrong hands. The way data is stored on USB Drives & Memory Cards, Mobile SIM Cards and Credit Cards is done in an electronic and not a magnetic way like Hard Drives or Floppy Disks. This means that degaussing will have no effect. That is why we use the “physical destruction” method. Physical destruction is when we destroy the material containing the data mechanically (shredder etc.). This destruction is based on the DIN 66399 standard and is associated with Protection Category 1 Level E-3 (for more information visit page “Categories / Levels of Destruction”)

*Our company accepts cut up Cards & Broken USB Drives which we only recycle.
**There is no charge for the destruction / recycling process with the exception of credit cards.


Mobile phones

All mobile phones contain data (contacts, phone numbers, messages, etc.) mainly on external memory cards but some of them are stored or left in the phone’s internal memory. Being constantly in use, such a device ends up containing too much information and details about our personal and / or professional lives.

The way data is destroyed on mobile phones (such as USB Drives, Memory Cards and SIM Cards) is done through “physical destruction” since the data is stored electronically rather than magnetically rendering degaussing ineffective. Thus, the destruction of mobile phone data is done via physically destroying (breaking, shredder, etc.) their internal board.

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Confidential Destruction Process

Upon collection:

  • Our employee comes to your premises and places the hard drives in a special collection bin.
  • A numbered safety seal is affixed to the bin, the number of which is kept by you.

Confidential Destruction Process Video Recording:

  • During the video recording our employee cuts the seal and shows it to the camera
  • They open the bin and place the hard disk in the degausser
  • They start the degausser and after 45 seconds the data is deleted
  • Then the physical destruction of the disc takes place followed by the separation of materials

*Additional options:

  • Video recording the process of confidential destruction and sending it to the client encrypted through the cloud.
  • Presence of a customer representative during the confidential destruction process.
confidential destruction

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