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It is a fact that paper-based record storage is changing, and is increasingly leading to full digitization. Our company has cooperated and is cooperating with the largest companies in the field of destruction of confidential printed records in Greece.

Our greatest advantage is the very high level of destruction we use that makes it impossible to restore the contents of the files.

After separating the printed documents from other materials such as binders, folders, etc. it passes through the Crusher where it is turned into confetti ranging from 0.1 cm to 2 cm. This differentiation in size when shredding paper has a major advantage compared to strip cut shredding.

However, a business employee always carries a sealed sample of shredded documents that the customer can inspect and verify that they find acceptable. The paper material produced by document destruction is recycled.


 Our business is performing confidential destruction of printed records rather than recycling paper.

We accept ONLY sensitive files that require special care for their destruction, a process that is chargeable. Files that do not require special treatment can easily be discarded into blue bins and thus recycled.

Confidential Destruction Level

The confidential destruction of the printed records is adjusted to the level of destruction desired.

The German Institute for Standardization (Deutsches Institut fur Normung = DIN), as an internationally recognized body, gives us the standard “DIN 66399” which includes 3 Security Categories / Classes and 7 Levels of Confidential Paper Destruction.

Our business destroys paper records of class 2 level DIN “P-3” (for more information visit “Destruction Categories / Levels” page).


Sending & Receiving Files

Sending or Receiving records for Confidential Destruction can be arranged at your convenience.

We can arrange to have the materials delivered by our own means but we also accept materials being delivered directly to our premises. It is always important that such materials are shipped either from your own business or if you use an external / third party courier for an authorized person to be present throughout the whole shipping process so it is monitored and secure until delivery.

If the delivery is being made by our business, our employees will come to your premises. Upon completion of your record destruction, we send confirmation of destruction by email with the exact date the materials were destroyed.

The interested party may follow the destruction process themselves or send an authorized person instead. The cost of the destruction depends on the amount, type of record, and method of delivery.

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paper destruction

Office Document Destruction

According to Penal Code Article 371 “… professions which by virtue of their status,  someone (clients) entrusts private secrets… are punishable with a fine or imprisonment if they disclose these secrets”. Such professions as lawyers, notaries, accountants, etc. must be mindful of documents containing private information about their clients and be able to prove that they are.

Clerics, lawyers and all kinds of legal counsel, notaries, doctors, midwifes, nurses, pharmacists and others in whom people usually trust private information because of their profession or their status and the assistants of such persons, are punishable by fine or imprisonment up to one year if they reveal private information which they have been trusted with or learned due to their profession or status. Penal code, article 371, paragraph 1 –

Note: unofficial translation

Thus, recognizing the need for confidential destruction in small quantities as in law, accounting & commercial offices, clinics, research offices, insurance and so on where the use of small shredders is usually quite time consuming and the result of the destruction is certainly not acceptable (Please see “Document Destroyers” below), our company places special plastic, metal or furniture bins that lock and secure with seals so that any document entered will be impossible to be removed without the violation being revealed. In that way your documents are secure and no one can see them without your consent.

The Procedure

An authorized employee of our business comes to your place and sets up the bin you have requested, locked and secured with a seal, ready to use. When the bin is full you inform our company in order to replace the bin. When your documents are destroyed, we send a notification email with the exact date of destruction and we attach the “Destruction Certificate” which proves to you and your clients that your / their documents are secure and destroyed. * It is possible to film the process and receive it in dvd (chargeable) or to have a representative physically present

Document Destroyers

Document Shredders are a useful tool but they entail some major disadvantages such as the time it takes for their operation and their effectiveness.

The strips produced from a document shredder can easily be reconstructed and they are suggested only for general documents that are simply to be rendered unreadable or canceled.

Our business often receives such material to raise the level of destruction in order to completely erase the personal data they contain. For more information click here.

If you are using a document shredder then our employee comes and packs the shredded strips of paper, secures them in a carton with safety tape and collects it for destruction.

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The value of our Services depends on the type of Confidential Destruction, the type of bins, the volume, the frequency of change and the area from which it's collected. We provide an exclusive package to our customers with competitive pricing