Clothes and textiles are destroyed by many companies for a variety of reasons. These materials are recycled and reused after their destruction in many different low value applications and for this reason this destruction process is chargeable. Some of the key reasons that usually lead to the destruction of clothes and textiles are:


The first reason is purely practical / logistic and aims to reduce inventory value. Old clothes, fabrics and general stock materials that appear in warehouses of companies raise inventory value which in turn leads to falsely high profit reports with materials that are in fact of no value. Their destruction and proof that clothing or fabrics are no longer available and cannot be resold (Destruction Certificate) reduces revenue and shows the true profitability of the business.


Another equally important reason which is based on marketing theories is to protect the company “Brand Name” from possible “downgrading” or “sales cannibalization”. When a company with a strong / expensive Brand Name starts selling cheap to get rid of its stock it is very likely to lose reputation and power as a name. In addition to that, sales cannibalization is a very important concept of marketing and refers to a company “cannibalizing” or otherwise competing with its own products. A large drop in prices or the introduction of a new product into a marketplace of established product categories can result in “cannibalization”. For example, when a company starts selling its old clothes at low prices then it is very likely that it will compete with itself, taking from its own market share.


Many companies that have their own special clothing with their company logo or other special identifier usually require its destruction for security reasons. The reason is that if they are not destroyed, it is easy for anyone with malicious intent to use these clothes, pretending to work for the company.


Our business, having all the licences it needs, collects clothes or fabrics and destroys them in a special shredder so that they CANNOT be resold or used. The destruction process can certainly be done in the presence of a representative.

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