Representatives of GreenFence-MetalLogic, specifically CEO Angelos Gkinis and Technical Director Angelos Tokas, participated in the Bright World of Metals Exhibition held in Germany from June 12 to June 16, 2023.

The Bright World of Metals Exhibition is a pioneering international event offering high-quality conferences and parallel events focusing on foundry technology, construction materials, metallurgy, and thermal processes.

The event attracted companies from around the world, providing a platform for showcasing new technologies, exchanging ideas, and shaping future market trends.

Both Angelos Gkinis and Angelos Tokas had the opportunity to engage in discussions with industry experts, explore the latest technologies, and gain insights from the industry’s recent trends.

Topics discussed included sustainable and efficient production, process improvement, and technological advancements across various sectors of the metal industry.

Our participation in this exhibition underscores our commitment to remaining at the forefront of technological advancements and ensuring that GreenFence-MetalLogic continues to be a leading force in our industry.

We are excited about the new ideas and possibilities that emerged from this experience and look forward to implementing them.

We extend our gratitude to the organizers of the Bright World of Metals Exhibition for the opportunity to participate in this exceptional event and eagerly anticipate the next exhibition.

Returning to Greece with renewed energy and inspiration, we are ready to continue delivering high-quality services to our partners and contribute to the successful future of our industry.